The Vision

Our vision is to inspire & empower our customers by having them understand themselves on a deeper level through introspection by conveying profound principles expressed throughout different mediums and detailed garments. 

The Designs 

Drawing inspiration from different sources, this merging of contrasting influences forms a dynamic combination, resulting in unique pieces for unique individuals.

The Story

Founded by Alexandre Pierre, ABYSS STUDIO is an independent French menswear brand that started as a passion project.

Born and raised in France, Alexandre early had a keen interest in art in its different forms which led him during his teen years to teach himself drawing, graphic design, and a couple of years later, sewing. He also found enthusiasm in spirituality and personal development.

It all began when, after selling garments he made to some classmates during his high school years, Alexandre understood that this could be one of his callings and decided to pursue this new idea. While he still went to school later on to study graphic design more in-depth, he dropped out and moved to London with no business and fashion experience, but a vision to create what he had in mind for years. ABYSS STUDIO was officially born.

More than a brand, our mission is to use the label as a voice, a means to spread profound principles and messages to our audience through our social media platforms, products, and everything else that we will build over time.

Today, ABYSS STUDIO has been relocated and is operating from France, where everything initially started.